Brand Introduction

Brand Introduction

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Benevolent,Elegant,Expedite, Concise

We bring together the form, function and finesse of breakthrough creativity in products and services to redefine the four-star experience. From modern, contemporary design, to traditional, functional service, we create experiences that deliver value for the guest, for the staff, and for the business, down to the smallest detail.

Our expertise reaches every area, from location, business environment and design to management efficiency and structure. Guest services that touch the heart, employee care, training and motivation as well as business, dining, and entertainment concepts. All come together to create a true landmark venue for the business traveler.

Our service touches the hearts of our guests in every way. Our guests feel they are part of our family, and this is shown in everything we do, in every service we provide. Not only in the way provide heartfelt personal service, but also in the way we deliver these services. An intimacy exists between us and our guests, a relationship that grows stronger with every touch. We cherish every relationship, and built it into a sincere, warm and lasting friendship.

Synchronizing all the operational details of each hotel beautifully, is where the true value of a Grand Skylight property shines. Meticulous care and graceful co-ordination is the key to success and enables us to deliver memorable and tailored guest experience.

Grand Skylight efficiency begins with location, at the heart of a thriving environment, delivering convenience. Then having the flexibility, initiative and professional qualities to plan ahead, to handle change and to deliver a service that goes beyond every customers expectations, every time. Maximum value, beautifully coordinated and time sensitive.

Strategic business thinking enables us to tailor a sophisticated business solution for every environment. Our premium four-star business model reaches further, delivering tangible excellence and real advantages for today’s market.

From key fashionable aesthetics to exceptional, in-demand product offerings, the core value of every hotel is designed to provide guests with an unexpected experience every time and partners with unmatched business success in every way.


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